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We take the 😬 out of Employment and the 😫 out of HR, embarking on a mission to simplify employment and HR processes for businesses worldwide.

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EOR Improved

Simplifying remote workforce management with AI-powered EOR

At Reployer, we are dedicated to simplifying remote workforce management through the use of AI-powered EOR. Our innovative solution empowers businesses to streamline their employee operations, revolutionizing the way they manage and optimize their workforce.

Hassle-free employment solutions

We're committed to offering personalized, tailored services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Always striving for excellence

From the quality of our services to the caliber of our team, we're committed to delivering the best possible solutions for our clients.

EOR & HR with expertise

In each country we operate, our compliance experts on the ground are proactively monitoring and improving processes.

Passionate about helping businesses grow

Core values at Reployer

Client focus
We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior. We believe that trust and integrity are the foundations of strong, enduring relationships, and we're committed to upholding these values in all of our interactions.
Core values

Founding story

How Reployer came about

The limited information and understanding of bureaucracy and administrative processes in the CEE market, especially concerning employee benefits, has been a driving force behind the establishment of Reployer. Our mission is to bridge this gap by offering a simplified, localized, and accessible EOR platform. By providing informed decision-making tools and assisting in navigating the complexities of employee benefits in the region, we aim to enhance employee retention and empower both employees and clients to achieve their goals.

Our founders faced challenges with global EOR platforms in the CEE region, where essential employee benefits were lacking, resulting in high turnover. This led to the creation of Reployer, a solution that prioritizes employee retention by providing comprehensive support and value beyond compliance.

Guiding Our Success: Meet Our Advisory Board

Harnessing the Expertise and Insight of Industry Leaders

HR Platform

Streamline and simplify your HR with our unified EOR platform

From working visas and equity to benefits and equipment, we simplify everything you need to manage your teams compliantly & efficiently.

HR Platform
Streamline your payroll operations and focus on what matters most - growing your business.
From tax withholdings to statutory benefits, we ensure that your remote workforce remains fully compliant.
Our unified EOR platform simplifies the onboarding process, providing a seamless experience for your new hires.

Equipment rental

From laptops to specialized tools, we provide a seamless process for renting essential equipment, ensuring your remote employees have everything they need to excel in their roles.
Equipment rental screen

In-house visa support for employee relocation

We navigate the complexities of work permits and immigration regulations, ensuring a smooth transition for your remote team members.
Visa screen

Custom fields

Add customized attributes to your contracts such as Employee ID, Project code, etc.

Stock options

Utilize our platform to extend stock option proposals and stay updated on grant details.

App integrations

Enhance your workflow efficiency with seamless integration of all your tools.


Track and manage your team time-off requests, expenses, and bonuses.

Local benefits & perks

Offer hand-picked local benefits and perks to your remote teams in Central and Eastern Europe and improve employee retention.
Benefits & Local Perks

Employee cost calculator

Effortlessly calculate employee costs, including taxes and statutory contributions, while reducing the risk of misclassification.
Employee Calculator screen
Reployer's HR tools have been instrumental in streamlining our processes and optimizing our workforce management, saving us time and resources.
Arriana Nanney
Arriana Nanney
People Success Manager, Lockify

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