EOREmployee Retention


How Lockify solves employee retention problem within a first month with Reployer.

Company size10+

< 2 weeks

Lockify's Serbian team is fully onboarded on Reployer within 2 weeks period.

30% in savings

By adopting our pricing policy, Lockify has been able to save significantly on EOR fees.

+ 1 Employee Returned

Team member who resigned previously, returned to the Lockify after 3 weeks.

Before Reployer

After experiencing issues on another EOR platform, Lockify's Serbian & Bulgarian teams began to leave.

For over a year, we used a different platform to manage our workforce. However, we began to experience issues when some of our employees in Serbia and Bulgaria were denied mortgages despite having competitive wages. As time passed, more and more employees left the company, and we soon realized that the previous platform couldn’t offer them the full range of benefits, leading to dissatisfaction and a decline in employee rights. Ultimately, this lack of support for our employees drove them to seek a better working environment elsewhere.


About Lockify

Lockify was founded in 2019 by a team of IT security experts who recognized the challenges companies and individuals face when exchanging confidential information. Transparency, accessibility and trust are those challenges, which lead to a decision to introduce Lockify - easy-to-use yet highly secure password sharing software.

After Reployer

Lockify solves employee retention within a first month with Reployer

At first, we were cautious about partnering with Reployer as we had concerns about potential issues similar to what we had experienced with other EOR platform. However, after spending some time on the line with their team, we were impressed with their approach to solving the major issue of retention that plagues the current global EOR landscape. Reployer’s focus on building trust locally was particularly noteworthy, as it resonated with our employees and instilled a sense of security and confidence. In fact, we were so satisfied with their services that we were able to hire two more employees quickly after partnering with them.

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