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Restfaker Restfaker

Reployer facilitates successful team relocation for Restfaker

Company size

~ 3 Weeks

Restfaker relocated their team to Serbia within three weeks.

60% in savings

Restfaker saved 60% in relocating fees offered by other providers.

Visa support

Reployer offered a full visa support for employees.

Before Reployer

Relocating compliantly in a minimum amount of time

When we decided to relocate our team, we were faced with the daunting challenge of navigating complex visa and work permit requirements. Many other EOR platforms offered solutions, but at exorbitant prices and with long processing times. Reployer not only offered us a more affordable option, but they also delivered a streamlined and efficient process that allowed us to relocate our team with minimal disruptions to our operations.

About Restfaker

Restfaker is a software development company founded in 2021 that offers a unique solution for developers looking to create mockups or MVP’s. Their platform provides a simple and efficient way to fake REST API calls, saving developers valuable time and resources during the software development process. With a focus on user experience and practicality, Restfaker’s tools enable developers to quickly and easily create prototypes and test their software in a realistic environment.

After Reployer

Restfaker and Reployer’s partnership proves successful in navigating international relocation challenges

Working with Reployer was a game-changer for our team relocation. Their expertise in global employment compliance and immigration matters, combined with their excellent customer service, made the process seamless and stress-free. Thanks to Reployer’s support, our team was able to settle in quickly and resume work without delay. We are extremely pleased with the results of our partnership and look forward to working with them in the future.

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