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Compliance when hiring in Central & Eastern Europe

Reduce your legal and operational overhead, and prevent mistakes and fines when hiring in CEE by ensuring you have the appropriate documentation in place.

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At Reployer, we understand the importance of compliance when it comes to employment, especially when operating in foreign countries

Our Employer of Record (EOR) platform is designed to help companies stay compliant with local labor laws, regulations, and tax requirements, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.

Avoid legal and financial penalties

Why compliance is important?

Compliance refers to the adherence to laws and regulations that govern how businesses operate in a given country. In the context of employment, compliance means ensuring that all legal requirements related to hiring, managing, and terminating employees are met.

Avoid legal and financial penalties


Partnering with the best legal firms in the region

We recognize that local labor laws are subject to frequent changes. To ensure that our clients' contracts remain compliant, we collaborate with top-tier legal partners.

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Our approach to compliance

At Reployer, compliance is at the core of our EOR platform. We have an expert team of compliance professionals who stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory developments in all the countries where we operate. We ensure that all our clients are compliant with local labor laws and regulations, including employment contracts, payroll, social security contributions, and tax filings.

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You can gain access to local salary insights and employer costs in every country we operate. Additionally, you can utilize our misclassification risk tool to determine the likelihood of misclassification.


We assume the liability while you hire the employees

By hiring employees with Reployer, you can rest assured that we assume all the responsibility and liability to ensure your compliance with local laws.


Read how Reployer helped Almons to avoid local compliance risks

Reployer helped Almons in navigating complex legal requirements.

Data security

At Reployer, we take data security very seriously. We understand that our clients entrust us with their sensitive and confidential data, and we work hard to ensure that this data is protected from potential security breaches and unauthorized access.

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