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Reployer makes it effortless for your business to hire employees in Serbia. You no longer have to fret over the intricacies of local laws, complex tax systems, or managing international payroll.

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Hire employees in Serbia without opening an entity

Typically, in order to hire employees in Serbia, your business would need to establish an entity, which includes setting up a local office, registering an address as a subsidiary, and creating an account with a local bank. Additionally, navigating through the complex web of regional benefits, payroll, tax, and HR laws can be a time-consuming process that may take several months to complete.

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We have included all the essential and extra benefits for employees in Serbia

With Reployer, you can swiftly provide localized benefits to your employees in Serbia in a matter of minutes, all through a single, easily manageable online dashboard.

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Unemployment insurance

3 simple steps

How does it work?


Register the employee

You'll need to provide Reployer with all the necessary information about the employee, with the details bout their position, job title and description including his monthly NET (take-home) salary.

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Contacting employee for compliance documents...

Compliance documents

We are contacting your employee regarding their compliance documents. Reployer can also assist with providing visa support if necessary, making the process of obtaining any necessary permits or licenses as smooth as possible.



Employee is signing their employment agreement and completing the onboarding process. Reployer provides the necessary orientation and guidance to ensure a successful transition, educating the employee on Reployer's platform and local employment laws. By the end of this step, the employee is fully onboarded and ready to begin working in Serbia.

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Your employee has been successfully onboarded!
At Reployer, we understand that onboarding new employees can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's why we've developed a streamlined onboarding experience that makes it easy for you to get your new hires in Serbia up and running in no time. So, whether you're hiring one employee or a team of 100, Reployer is here to make the onboarding process simple and stress-free. We look forward to partnering with you and helping you grow your global workforce.

Quickstart guide to hiring in Serbia

To learn everything you need to know about hiring an employee in Serbia, simply navigate through the tabs below. Each tab provides valuable information and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of the hiring process in Serbia.

Minimum wage
The minimum take-home salary for the 2023 is RSD 35,025 per month
Income tax
Income tax on every salary is 10%, where the untaxed amount for 2023 is RSD 21,712
Employer contributions cost
The employer cost ranges from 14% for the lower wages to 7%, and even lower for the higher employee salary.
Total contributions cost
The employee total cost ranges from 60% for the lower wages to 30%, and even lower for the higher employee salary.
Market specifics
Employees, usually do not take into the account the gross salary when negotiating since employer is responsible for paying both employee and employer contributions.
Overtime Pay & Maximum Hours
Standard working hours are 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week from Monday to Friday.

Employers in Serbia are not legally required to pay overtime, except the one related to years spent at employer. Overtime is defined as any hours worked outside of an employee's standard work hours. If overtime is offered, it is typically compensated at a higher rate than standard pay.

  • 126% of the hourly rate, for work from 22:00-06:00
  • 126% of the hourly rate, for work outside of normal hours.
  • 110% of the hourly rate, for work on a public holiday.
  • For each completed year spent in employment with the Employer in the amount of 0.4% of the base salary.

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“Reployer’s focus on building trust locally was particularly noteworthy, as it resonated with our employees and instilled a sense of security and confidence.”

Clark L., VP of Human Resources, Lockify

Hire employees in Serbia

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