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Hire employees in Central & Eastern Europe where you don't have entities


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  • Hire international employees and let us handle local payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance
  • Competitive benefits packages tailored to each country
  • Support from local HR and legal experts
  • Ensure your IP is fully protected
  • Integrations for HR, Finance, and more


Compliantly manage and pay contractors in Central & Eastern Europe


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  • Mitigate risks of misclassification with locally compliant contracts and expert guidance on relevant laws
  • Effortlessly handle local tax agreements with automated collection
  • Flexible and convenient bulk payment options
  • Streamline invoicing, expenses, time off, and other processes through automated workflows


Simplify your global workforce with our comprehensive immigration services

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  • Visa sponsorships
  • Effortlessly track your visa application progress in one centralized location
  • Benefit from dedicated support provided by local immigration experts
  • Relax and let us handle your ongoing visa support
Beyond service

Employee-centric approach for unparalleled retention

At Reployer, we believe that prioritizing the local experience is key to empowering global businesses. Our employee-centric approach goes beyond basic employment services, ensuring meaningful local support that drives employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Personalized Employee Benefits

Tailored benefits packages designed to meet the unique needs of employees in each country, fostering a sense of belonging and satisfaction.

Cultural Integration Initiatives

Thoughtful programs and resources to support cultural integration, helping employees feel valued, understood, and empowered within their local communities.

Strong Creditworthiness

Our entities are boasting high creditworthiness scores, ensuring financial security and peace of mind for employees.

Comprehensive set of tools

Everything you need to grow your CEE team

We're streamlining every facet of team management, encompassing benefits administration, background checks, working visas, and equipment provisioning.

Localized benefits and perks

Tailor employee benefits and perks to meet the specific needs and preferences of each country in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Equipment management

Simplify the process of managing and provisioning equipment for your global team, ensuring they have the tools they need to excel.

Immigration services

Streamline the complexities of immigration processes by accessing comprehensive services and expert guidance to navigate visa and work permit requirements.

Background checks and IP protection

Safeguard your company's interests with thorough background checks for potential employees, contractors, and partners, while ensuring the protection of intellectual property.

Hiring contractors across CEE

Seamlessly recruit and onboard contractors across multiple countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), ensuring compliance with local regulations and avoiding misclassification risks.

Hire employees without the entity

Employ talent globally without the need for establishing a local legal entity, simplifying the process and expanding your talent pool.

Co-working spaces

Access a network of co-working spaces to provide your remote teams with a productive and professional working environment, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

Payouts for your teams

Effortlessly manage and distribute payments to your teams, offering multiple payout methods and flexibility for seamless and efficient financial transactions.

Built different

Why we are different than the rest?

Reployer stands out from the competition by combining localized expertise and exceptional customer service, ensuring hassle-free and compliant workforce management in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Employee onboarding

Intelligent HR - Luna AI

First EOR platform powered by AI

From contract creation to time off management, our intelligent AI offers a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities to optimize your HR operations.

AI HR assistant
Reployer has been an absolute game-changer for our company, simplifying remote workforce management and ensuring compliance effortlessly.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson
COO, InvoiceDroid

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