Competitor analysis

What makes Reployer different?

Reployer stands out from the rest with its comprehensive suite of features. It offers powerful automation capabilities, allowing you to automate tedious processes like employee onboarding, scheduling and logging time off.

  • Reployer
    All others
  • Pricing
    • Employees (EOR pricing
      $549 / employee / month
      Most of them are not cost effective as Reployer.
    • Startup program
      $399 per employee per month for up to 10 employees and less than 10M in funding for 12 months.
      Most of them are not supporting early stage startups.
    • Social Purpose Organizations (nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, benefit corporations)
      $399 per employee per month for up to 10 employees and less than 10M in funding for 12 months.
      Most of the competitors are not supporting organizations.
    • Custom Enterprise pricing
      For companies with more than 30 employees we are offering great discounts.
      Some of them have.
  • EOR Capabilities
    • Owned entities
      Our owned entities plus partner providers.
      Some have owned entities but the most rely on third-party providers.
    • Improving employee retention
      Yes - our mission is to improve retention by offering the best local perks & benefits. Our entities are well established and trustworthy with a high creditworthiness score.
      Definitely, no one is focusing on employee retention.
    • Truly localized benefits and personal administration
      Just basic benefits required by law.
    • IP and invention rights protection
      Most of them are offering IP protection, at least on their marketing materials.
    • Employee mobile app
      Mostly not.
  • Support
    • Account manager for each client
      Mostly, they are not offering dedicated account manager.
    • Physical office space and local presence
    • Online support
  • Experience
    • In-app stock options
      Mostly not, if some - only offline support.
    • In-app stock options
      Mostly not.
    • Equipment lease
      Mostly not.
    • Pay the whole team with a click
  • Security
    • GDPR Compliant
      Yes, most of them are GDPR compliant.
    • SOC2 Compliant
      Mostly, but this is not the rule of thumb.
    • ISO 27001
      Some of them are.
  • Integrations
    • API service
      Some of them are having an API.
    • Third party integrations
      A few of them are offering automated integrations.

Putting people first

Reployer vs. other EOR platforms

We handle everything in-house, ensuring stable HR workflows, transparent pricing, consistent quality service, and enhanced on-platform management for you.

Focus on Central & Eastern Europe

Reployer stands out with its specialized expertise in the Central & Eastern European region, ensuring seamless workforce management across diverse markets.

Improving Employee Retention

Reployer goes the extra mile to enhance employee retention, nurturing long-lasting professional relationships for your success.

Dedicated service

Our dedicated service at Reployer ensures you receive personalized, attentive support every step of the way.

Team culture

At Reployer, fostering a strong team culture is at the heart of our approach, promoting unity and synergy within your workforce.
Reployer helped us to retain great talent and keep people focused on their daily jobs while enjoying all local benefits and perks they deserve.
Clark Ludendorff
Clark Ludendorff
VP of product, Lockify

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