What makes Reployer different?

Reployer stands out from the rest with its comprehensive suite of features. It offers powerful automation capabilities, allowing you to automate tedious processes like employee onboarding, scheduling and logging time off.

Reployer vs. other EOR platforms

Focus on Central & Eastern Europe

Our aim is to become global and the beginning of this journey is mastering CEE region. We do this by leveraging our team and experience to help employers and their employees alike.

Improving Employee Retention

We created Reployer with retention in mind since compliance is being just a small part of what these employees endure when faced with bureaucratic challenges in CEE.

Dedicated service

Due to the sensitive nature of HR, we are dedicating a personal account manager to each customer to boost your Reployer experience to the max.

We trully focus on your team

Sadly, global EOR platforms lack an understanding of the needs and regulations for employees based in CEE or transitional markets, so that's why we are giving our best to help you and your team.

  • All others
  • Pricing
    • Employees (EOR pricing)
      $549 per employee per month
    • Startup program
      $399 per employee per month for up to 10 employees and less than 10M in funding for 12 months.
    • Social Purpose Organizations (nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, benefit corporations
      $399 per employee per month for up to 10 employees and less than 10M in funding for 12 months.
    • Custom Enterprise pricing
      For companies with more than 30 employees we offer great discounts.
  • EOR capabilities
    • Owned entities
      Our owned entities plus partner providers.
    • Improving employee retention
      Yes - our mission is to improve retention by offering the best local perks & benefits. Our entities are well established and trustworthy with a high creditworthiness score.
    • Trully localized benefits and personal administration
    • IP and invention rights protection
    • Employee mobile app
  • Support
    • Account manager for each client
    • Physical office space and local presence
    • Online support
  • Experience
    • In-app stock options
    • Perks for employees
    • Equipment lease
    • Pay the whole team in a click
  • Security
    • GDPR Compliant
    • SOC2 Compliant
    • ISO 27001
  • Integrations
    • Customizable API
    • Third party integrations
Reployer makes no representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the data on this page. The data was collected as of January 20th, 2023.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you focusing so much on retention?

Remote teams have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more companies embracing remote work as a way to attract and retain top talent. However, managing a remote team can present unique challenges, including a higher risk of employee turnover. Employee retention is critical for remote teams because it helps to maintain a stable and productive workforce, as well as to minimize the costs associated with turnover. When an employee leaves a remote team, it can be more difficult and time-consuming to replace them, as remote work often requires specialized skills and the ability to work independently. Additionally, losing a remote employee can disrupt the dynamics of the team, leading to decreased morale and productivity.

Does the platform work for Contractors or just Employees?

While a contractor-only platform may suit your current needs, you may find that hiring contractors poses a risk of misclassification in certain countries, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, resulting in fines or penalties. Therefore, since our main focus are employees in CEE, we do not currently support Contractors on our platform.

How transparent is the pricing?

There are many global HR and payroll solutions that seem good until you get the first bill. Not with Reployer. Each and every price is listed, and we will be happy to explain them to you.

Is my IP (Intellectual Property) well protected?

If your IP is compromised or handed off, which could expose your company to big risks, you ought to find a provider that offers maximum protection for your IP and has local legal experts who stay up-to-date with IP laws. At Reployer we are strongly protecting your IP so you can be rest assured.

Saving businesses time, money, and resources when hiring in CEE

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Before Reployer

"For over a year, we used a different platform to manage our workforce. However, we began to experience issues when some of our employees in Serbia and Bulgaria were denied mortgages despite having competitive wages. As time passed, more and more employees left the company, and we soon realized that the previous platform couldn’t offer them the full range of benefits, leading to dissatisfaction and a decline in employee rights. Ultimately, this lack of support for our employees drove them to seek a better working environment elsewhere."

Moving to Reployer

"At first, we were cautious about partnering with Reployer as we had concerns about potential issues similar to what we had experienced with other EOR platform. However, after spending some time on the line with their team, we were impressed with their approach to solving the major issue of retention that plagues the current global EOR landscape. Reployer’s focus on building trust locally was particularly noteworthy, as it resonated with our employees and instilled a sense of security and confidence. In fact, we were so satisfied with their services that we were able to hire two more employees quickly after partnering with them."

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