Reployer's Comprehensive Guide to Employer of Record

Welcome to the Complete Guide to Employer of Record (EOR) - your ultimate resource for understanding this game-changing solution for businesses expanding internationally.

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You will find out in our EOR guide:

  • What is a global EOR?
  • When choosing an EOR platform, what should companies look for?
  • How companies benefit from using an EOR?
  • Why is important that EOR platforms focus on employee retention?
  • When companies should consider using an EOR?
  • Should companies use an EOR or entity to achieve their goals?

In the past, expanding into a multinational employer typically involved establishing overseas entities or dealing with visas and relocation services for employees. However, an EOR provides a simpler alternative.

If you want to enter a new market, recruit an overseas employee, expand your revenue streams, or gain a competitive edge in hiring, an EOR can assist you in achieving your global expansion objectives while ensuring compliance with intricate international laws and regulations.

In this guide, we begin by explaining the fundamentals of an EOR and its typical services. We also delve into the various ways that partnering with an EOR can affect your hiring timeline and the risk of misclassification, while guiding you on what to consider when selecting an employer of record.

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