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Why EOR?

Fuel your startup's global expansion with cost-saving EOR services

Reployer's Employer of Record (EOR) service is a game-changer for startups, providing a major financial boost and enabling seamless global expansion. Save costs, navigate local complexities, and focus on growth with our comprehensive and hassle-free remote workforce management solutions.

Localized Expertise

Benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) to navigate local regulations and practices.

Efficient Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process for your remote teams, ensuring a seamless and productive start.

Scalable Solutions

Scale your workforce effortlessly with our flexible solutions that adapt to your startup's changing needs.

Dedicated Support

Access personalized support from our team of experts to address your unique startup challenges.

Compliance Made Easy

Stay compliant with local laws and regulations without the burden of administrative complexities.

Cost Savings

Maximize your budget with competitive pricing and exclusive startup discounts.

Startup program

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For the first year of using service - Hire employees in Central & Eastern Europe where you don't have entities

  • All EOR features
  • Up to 10 employees
  • Less than $10M in funding
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For the first year of using service - Compliantly manage and pay contractors in Central & Eastern Europe

  • Up to 10 contractors
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