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Effortless employment solutions for your CEE's remote workforce

Accelerate hiring, enhance team satisfaction, and reduce costs with the only retention-focused Employer of Record Service for remote teams in Central & Eastern Europe.

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Trusted by many
Hire employees

Grow your remote team the right way with Reployer

Take advantage of our local expertise and entities to avoid the usual time, cost, and risk of doing it alone and stay compliant - always.

Hire anywhere in CEE within five minutes using our Reployer-owned entities.
There are no hidden fees, minimums, or exclusivity agreements.
Improve employee retention through expert local regulations guidance.

Focus on growth

We hire employees for you on your behalf, without you having to open a local entity in another country.
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Local competitive benefits

We hire employees for you on your behalf, without you having to open a local entity in another country.
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We are turning ineffective HR into exceptional best practices.

Embrace efficiency, compliance, and unmatched simplicity with our Employer of Record platform. Maximize productivity, minimize risk, and witness the remarkable difference Reployer brings to your business.

How we are automating your HR
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How much we are paying for a team in Poland?

Streamlined onboarding

New employees can be onboarded quickly and efficiently, minimizing the time and effort required to get them up to speed.
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Tracking and management

A centralized platform for tracking and managing employee time-off requests, expenses, and bonuses.
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Dedicated service

Receive customized assistance from our team of HR and legal professionals throughout your hiring process.
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Reployer helped us to retain great talent and keep people focused on their daily jobs while enjoying all local benefits and perks they deserve.
Clark Ludendorff
Clark Ludendorff
VP of product, Lockify
Hire contactors

Gateway to compliantly hire contractors in Central & Eastern Europe

With Reployer you can easily and compliantly hire contractors in this region, unlocking a world of opportunities for your organization.

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Tap into the immense potential of CEE's talent pool while remaining fully compliant.
Focus on building a successful collaboration with your contractors while we handle the complexities in the background.
Expand your business reach, accelerate project timelines, and achieve your goals with confidence.

Employ contractors through Reployer and rest assured knowing that all legal and regulatory requirements are met, minimizing risks for your business.

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Start collaboration

Create a nurturing environment, ensuring your contractors are motivated.

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John Doe
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You successfully scheduled onboarding with Catherine.

Create a positive team experience by seamlessly onboarding and supporting contractors.

Get the ultimate value for your money

With a single affordable monthly fee, no setup costs or minimum deposits, ensure complete clarity in what you pay.

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$3,499 $2,499
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We previously thought that it will be easy to wrestle with the operations by ourselves. Reployer has eliminated this complexity so we can focus on scaling quickly and staying compliant
Aylin Taher
Aylin Taher
HR manager, Almons

Easily pay your team in their local currency on time

Manage payroll for your Central and Eastern Europen team through a single platform designed to simplify global operations.

With our commitment to transparency, we provide you with clear and upfront costs at all times.
Clear and detailed breakdown of all associated costs.
Pay multiple outstanding invoices at once with just one click.
Payroll dashboard

Consolidate your payroll system

Handle employee and salary data for all your international staff in a single platform, and effortlessly exchange information with payroll managers and partners.
Mass payment overview feature

Customize invoices with ease

Effortlessly add expenses, bonuses, and allowances for your remote team members.
Adjust payroll and add expenses

Efficiently review and approve adjustments

Approve invoice adjustments to ensure accuracy and timely payment.
Approve expenses
Reployer, as an EOR, not only offers us a more affordable option but also provides us with a streamlined process that allows us to manage our remote team with minimal disruptions.
Jennifer M. Stewart
Jennifer M. Stewart
HR, Restfaker

We assume the liability while you hire employees or contractors

Reduce your legal and operational overhead, and prevent mistakes and fines when hiring in CEE by ensuring you have the appropriate documentation in place.

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Stay compliant with local labor laws & regulations and focus on your business.
To ensure that our clients' contracts remain compliant, we collaborate with top-tier legal partners.
Your sensitive data is protected from potential security breaches and unauthorized access.

We handle the liability

By hiring through Reployer, you can rest assured that we assume all the responsibility and liability to ensure your compliance.
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Data security

We ensure that your data is protected from potential security breaches and unauthorized access.
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Partnering with the best legal firms in each country we operate

To ensure that your contracts remain compliant, we collaborate with top-tier legal partners.
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Reployer has been an absolute game-changer for our company, simplifying remote workforce management and ensuring compliance effortlessly.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson
COO, InvoiceDroid

Empowering remote teams with Reployer

Real stories from remote workers employed through Reployer, Central and Eastern Europe's premier employer of record platform.

"Reployer has made my job as an employee so much easier. Their focus on employee retention and value has also made me feel more motivated and committed to my job. Thank you for this amazing experience!"

Marko M.
Marko M.

"Reployer solved my visa and work permits amazingly fast. Their support and service has been excellent."

Tatiana K.
Tatiana K.

"Reployer has made it easier for me to stay connected with my team and stay on top of my responsibilities. I highly recommend it to any remote worker."

Ana E.
Ana E.

"I was skeptical about using the Reployer at first, but I have been blown away by its impact on my job as an employee. The platform has made it easier for me to stay organized, communicate with my employer, and receive compensation without any worries."

David R.
David R.

"As an employee coming from abroad, I was worried about everything 😇. However, the Reployer has made my life so much easier. Their team has also made it easier for me to feel like home and to focus on my daily job without the stress."

Anastasiya A.
Anastasiya A.
HR Platform

Streamline and simplify your HR with our unified EOR platform

From working visas and equity to benefits and equipment, we simplify everything you need to manage your teams compliantly & efficiently.

HR Platform
Streamline your payroll operations and focus on what matters most - growing your business.
From tax withholdings to statutory benefits, we ensure that your remote workforce remains fully compliant.
Our unified EOR platform simplifies the onboarding process, providing a seamless experience for your new hires.

Equipment rental

From laptops to specialized tools, we provide a seamless process for renting essential equipment, ensuring your remote employees have everything they need to excel in their roles.
Equipment rental screen

In-house visa support for employee relocation

We navigate the complexities of work permits and immigration regulations, ensuring a smooth transition for your remote team members.
Visa screen

Custom fields

Add customized attributes to your contracts such as Employee ID, Project code, etc.

Stock options

Utilize our platform to extend stock option proposals and stay updated on grant details.

App integrations

Enhance your workflow efficiency with seamless integration of all your tools.


Track and manage your team time-off requests, expenses, and bonuses.

Local benefits & perks

Offer hand-picked local benefits and perks to your remote teams in Central and Eastern Europe and improve employee retention.
Benefits & Local Perks

Employee cost calculator

Effortlessly calculate employee costs, including taxes and statutory contributions, while reducing the risk of misclassification.
Employee Calculator screen
Reployer's HR tools have been instrumental in streamlining our processes and optimizing our workforce management, saving us time and resources.
Arriana Nanney
Arriana Nanney
People Success Manager, Lockify

Take control of your remote workforce management today.