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With Reployer, hiring employees in Serbia becomes effortless for your business. We've got you covered every step of the way.

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Hire employees in Serbia without opening an entity

With Reployer, you can hire employees in Serbia quickly, effortlessly, and in full compliance. Our platform automates essential tasks such as tax document collection, payroll management, benefits administration, and more, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.


Official currency in Serbia is RSD (Serbian dinar). Dinar is a steady and stable currency.


Official language is Serbian, although many people speak English.


Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, boasts a population of over 1.5 million people.

Payroll cycle

In Serbia, payroll is typically processed on a monthly basis.

3 simple steps

How does it work?

Our support service in Serbia provides end-to-end assistance for your employees during the onboarding process.


EOR contract

You'll need to provide Reployer with all the necessary information about the employee, with the details about their position, job title and description including his annual gross salary.

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Contacting employee for compliance documents...


We are contacting your employee regarding their compliance documents. Reployer can also assist with providing visa support if necessary, making the process of obtaining any necessary permits or licenses as smooth as possible.



Employee is signing their employment agreement and completing the onboarding process. Reployer provides the necessary orientation and guidance to ensure a successful transition, educating the employee on Reployer's platform and local employment laws.

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Your employee has been successfully onboarded!
Benefits and perks

We have included all the essential and extra benefits for employees in Serbia

With Reployer, you can swiftly provide localized benefits to your employees in Serbia in a matter of minutes, all through a single, easily manageable online dashboard.

Meal allowance
Vacation allowance
Public health insurance
Social security
Disability insurance
Unemployment insurance

Fast onboarding

Streamlined employee onboarding in Serbia

Automated workflows and tools that help employers manage the entire onboarding process for their employees in Serbia, including collecting necessary information and paperwork.

Employee onboarding

Local guide

Discover our comprehensive quickstart guide for hiring in Serbia

Gain valuable insights and knowledge on every aspect of employing staff in Serbia

Cost calculator

Easily calculate employee costs in Serbia

Your team will benefit from Reployer's free employee cost calculator, which shows you the cost of hiring an employee in Serbia.

Employee cost calculator
Reployer helped us to retain great talent and keep people focused on their daily jobs while enjoying all local benefits and perks they deserve.
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Clark Ludendorff
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